We will review your current marketing materials (digital and print) to ensure that your copy is achieving your commercial objectives and is communicating what is important and relevant to your clients.

  • Have your commercial goals changed since this material was last reviewed?
  • Does your marketing still resonate with your ideal client?
  • Has your ideal client changed?
  • Does the tone of voice in your content need to change?
  • Is your website responsive, current and built with effective SEO in mind?

We help you to answer these questions and work through the answers to make your marketing more effective. This will include analysis of the following key marketing tools:


We will review a sample of your blogs and their usage to see if you are using key phrases that are likely to get your site noticed on the internet. We will review whether or not the content of your blogs still resonates with your clients, addressing the tone of voice and style of the pieces as well as the language used.

Email marketing

Perhaps one of the most underappreciated forms of digital marketing, email is one of the most cost-effective tools for the SME. We will review your current strategy to highlight any areas for improvement and provide suggestions to ensure your emails are effective, both from a commercial and client perspective.

Event opportunities

We investigate trade shows which may be of interest and commercial benefit for you to attend. We can also offer support in the design and printing of literature, roller banners, pop up stands and other event props.

Google Analytics

How popular is your website? Who’s looking at your website (demographics)? How frequently are viewers actively engaged on your site? What information are they looking for? What are they interested in when they reach your site? We will furnish you with the answers to these questions and more, in order to make your website more effective.

Product / service and corporate literature

We will review a sample of your literature for accuracy, tone of voice and style and to ensure it can achieve your commercial objectives while meeting your clients’ needs.

Website content

Is your website ‘sticky’? Are viewers spending time on your site and clicking through numerous pages or are they clicking through to the landing page, finding nothing of interest and surfing away from the page? We will give you advice on how you can improve your site.

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