You are confident that your latest ideas for a new business, product or service will work and deliver the results you want. However, you just want to an independent sense check before you dive in and, potentially, waste money and marketing resource on a project that might have been fundamentally flawed from the outset. When you find yourself in this situation, an independent marketing consultation is the ideal solution.

Discussing your ideas with someone who is completely impartial will give you the opportunity to take a step back from your project and look at it from a more objective perspective. As a business owner working in the business rather than on it, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

How it works

Book a two-hour consultation with me and you will have my undivided attention to discuss your marketing ideas, plans and concerns for your business, product or service. We can meet face to face or by tele/video conference. Prior to our meeting you will receive a simple questionnaire to complete and return. Your responses to these questions will form the basis of our meeting. You choose the subject and intended goal(s) of the consultation and based on the information you give me prior to our meeting, I will tailor our meeting to suit your specific needs.

Follow up

Often, simply talking through your ideas or your existing plans with someone who is completely impartial to your business’s status will give you the clarity you need to reach your own conclusion about the success or potential failure of a project. However, within two working days of your marketing consultation with me you will receive a summary of the issues and areas of your project we covered and a number of recommended action points for your consideration.

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