Is Email Marketing Dead? Absolutely Not

Well-written emails with valuable content which are delivered at the right time to the right people, consistently prove to be an effective aspect of most digital marketing strategies.

Emails allow you to keep in touch with your target audience and build relationships with your ideal clients. Those avid readers of your content become customers and, if you treat them well, those clients will become your brand ambassadors.

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing isn’t affected by the ever-changing algorithms that you may find on Facebook or Instagram. With email, you have a chance to talk directly to your client and even if they don’t open your email every time you send them one you’ll always be front of mind whenever they need your service.

You have a fantastic suite of products and services and you want to tell the world about them.

That makes sense, right?

Here’s the bad news though. Sending an email to scores of individuals by simply bcc’ing everyone just isn’t going to cut the mustard these days. You can’t personalise a mass email. Inboxes hate them. At best, you’ll end up in someone’s Junk folder regardless of how much time you’ve spent crafting the perfect email.

When your email looks shabby and impersonal no one will read it. If you’re lucky and get past the firewalls and into the Inbox, you’ll be drowned out by the noise of all the other emails vying for attention.

If you don’t make the effort to write to your ideal client and make their email personal yet professional and full of valuable content, why should they take the time to read what you have to say?

Your ideal client is smart and they want to feel connected to you – a person. They want to know that you take an interest in them and what matters to them. That starts with a professional and personalised email.

Sounds sensible, right? However, there’s that annoying gremlin sneaking in and stopping you from world domination – the tech.

Fear not though, for only £37 you can banish that tech pain for good and master the art of professional email marketing using MailChimp to create the perfect email.

MailChimp for Beginners

How will this email training package help you and your business?

  • beautiful email templates to use again and again
  • build your confidence using the technology
  • engage with your ideal clients directly using completely free software
  • build relationships with your target audience
  • convert ideal clients into customers and brand ambassadors

How is the course delivered?

A series of video tutorials with supporting documents

What are the video tutorials?

  • Account set up
  • Template set up
  • Branding
  • Setting colours and fonts
  • Inserting content boxes, image boxes
  • Create a list
  • Segment
  • Send a campaign

Additional documents

  • Downloadable template to help you structure your email campaign
  • Monthly Planner


Bonus 1

  • Sources of paid and free photography sites

Bonus 2

  • Video tutorial to show you how to resize images using free, user-friendly software.

Bonus 3

  • How to build your list

All of this can be yours for only £37 and for an additional £99, you’ll receive email support for four weeks from date of purchase.