Gone is the era of the traditional marketing plan. That good old reliable plan you would create at the start of the year and follow religiously until the following year.

To succeed in today’s everchanging markets your business needs a dynamic and flexible marketing plan. A plan which is clear and well structured but has the ability to change and flex as the year progresses and your business develops.

Now, let’s get real. As the owner of a small business where do you find the time to start writing plans? My guess is that most of your time is spent hustling for new business and dealing with all the admin behind the scenes.

Granted, I could be wrong but even if you did find the time to draft a marketing plan perhaps:

it was too complicated to implement, monitor and evaluate


it was put on a very high shelf in your office and left to gather dust


it got lost in a huge pile of “To Do” lists


Take just one day out of your schedule and by the end of the Flexible Marketing Plan Workshop you’ll have a clear marketing plan with action points that you can implement quickly and start to see some real results in a short period of time.

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