Are you ready to take the leap into email marketing and take the digital world by storm but the tech is stopping you in your tracks?

You’re not alone. You’ve written all your content, collected some beautiful images to accompany your copy and you’re ready to send out that first amazing email to your list of highly engaged contacts and then you get stumped at the first hurdle – TECH.

The account set up process is too complicated


You can’t get the email template design and colours quite right


It simply doesn’t look the way you thought it would in your mind’s eye.

Disappointment fills you from the tip of your toes to the top of your head and you give up.

Instead of suffering in silence and missing out on all the benefits a cost-effective email marketing strategy can generate let us design beautiful, tailored templates for you. Templates which ooze branding and professionalism. Your new emails will catch the eye of your reader when it drops into their inbox and stop them from scrolling down to read the latest recipe from Delia.

We will

  • set up a MailChimp account for you
  • create one core email template within MailChimp
  • create a second email template within MailChimp based on the core email template
  • ensure each email template is fully branded using your logo and style guidelines
  • make three rounds of changes to ensure you are fully satisfied with each email template
  • import a cleaned list of contacts from Excel or alternative email provider*
  • create a sign-up subscription link to embed into emails
  • design a pop-up subscription form to embed into your website
  • generate a sign-up subscription form to link to your Facebook page

Not only that, we’ll provide you with one month’s email support to help you send out your first campaign**

*We also offer an email database cleansing service.

**30 days of support via email is available following client sign off from the project.

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