The Lost Art of Effective Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing is an ideal way of connecting with your ideal clients, especially if your business relies on your website for a certain degree of revenue or you use it to reinforce your position in your field and a reference point for clients.

By giving the user the option to receive personalised emails from you that are full of valuable information you will remain front of mind even if your email isn’t opened. When the individual is ready to buy or simply ready to find out more all they need to do is scroll down their inbox list and there’ll you’ll be, just one click away from solving their problem.

That said, it takes time to build, execute, evaluate and adjust effective email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, time is often in short supply when you own a small business. Reaching out and connecting with valuable ideal clients and prospective clients may not be at the top of today’s ‘To Do’ list for you.

Add to that the ‘tech pain’ of

  • setting up an email account
  • creating a database of contacts
  • creating email templates
  • segmenting your database
  • creating and delivering valuable and targeted email campaigns
  • interpreting results
  • implementing changes

… to the list of reasons you don’t have an email marketing strategy and it’s no wonder you’re missing out on a world of opportunities.

Finally, once you’ve run your campaign where do you find the time to run the campaign evaluation reports, assess the results and implement the changes required to improve your upcoming campaigns?

Email marketing planning and campaign management

Thankfully there is no need to miss out on any online opportunities.

Using our fully integrated email marketing service we will work with you to create an email marketing plan to cover six email campaigns.

Each of these campaigns will be tailored to support your marketing and overarching commercial objectives.

These six emails could cover six weeks or, up to six months.*

Every campaign will be drafted, executed, monitored and evaluated by us but you can have as much or as little involvement as you wish.

You will also have final approval of every campaign before it is sent.

So, what’s included?

  • a one to one consultation
  • a detailed email marketing plan to support your marketing and business objectives
  • every feature of the Email Template Design service and
  • every feature of the Email Campaigns service
  • effective database segmentation
  • design branded templates in MailChimp
  • execute, monitor and evaluate campaigns
  • feedback and advice
  • A/B testing where appropriate
  • Blog posts – these can be incorporated for an additional fee and are written with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind.

* No more than six consecutive months.

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