Successful email campaigns start with great content

Carefully curated email campaigns remain a vital and cost-effective marketing tool and an essential part of your online marketing strategy. It allows you to connect on a personal level with your clients and potential clients.

A well-researched and clearly defined email marketing plan will enable you to target the right messages to the right audience at the right time.

With every successfully delivered email you:

  • build trust and strengthen the relationship with your reader
  • increase your brand’s exposure
  • position your business at the forefront of your ideal client’s mind
  • establish and reinforce your position as an influencer in your field
  • keep in touch with clients and prospects without allowing the task to become onerous

Now I know that all sounds wonderful but I can hear you now …

  • “It’s just too much of a ‘faff’” (yes that is a technical term!)
  • “I can’t do the tech”
  • “Is it really worth the effort?”
  • “That would never work in my industry”
  • “I’ve got a wide variety of clients who are interested in different things. If I sent out one email to everyone I’d just annoy people”.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered

  • It might be a ‘faff’ for you but we do this every day. We set, send and evaluate beautiful, easy to read and effective email campaigns day in, day out.
  • Tech. No problem. We’ll take over your existing account and if it’s not with MailChimp we’ll set up a new MailChimp account for you and transfer all your old data for a fresh start. All we need from you is content and a list of contacts.
  • To know if email marketing is worth the effort you need to decide what your objective is and tailor your content and campaigns around that. We’ve more than enough experience to provide you with several objectives which will align with your commercial objectives.
  • Still don’t think email marketing will work for your industry? Take a look at these examples.

Financial advisers, Consultants, Coaches – write industry-related blog posts, link to latest industry news items as well as posts from other industry leaders.

Service providers – latest services, industry news, case studies, how will your services improve the reader’s quality of life.

Dog walkers – what’s happening in the local area. Book online

Shop owners – show readers the latest stock. Buy online

Beauticians – new stock, new services, buy or book online?

Last but by no means least, everyone loves a ‘Top 10 tips to …’

  • No one wants to receive an impersonal email, which is why we offer segmentation as part of this email campaign management service. We will help you to segment your audience to ensure you only send emails with content which will be of interest to the recipient.

The Pomegranate Email Campaigns Service

  • We’ll manage the segmentation for your email campaign.
  • We’ll set your content for you.
  • Once you’ve approved the email layout and content we’ll hit the send button for you.
  • As your email drops into inboxes around the globe we’ll be on hand to monitor its success.
  • On completion of each campaign we will advise you on ways to improve your content going forward.
  • I consent to Pomegranate Marketing collecting my name and email address. Check out our Privacy Policy to see how we use and protect your data.

If you need an email template, take a look at our Email Template Design service.